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Flamingo Plant

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A bright sunny position is good for this plant but avoid prolonged exposure to direct sun which can scorch the leaves of these plants.

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Water when the top two inches of soil are dry, the soil should not be allowed to full dry out.

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Average home humidity is fine for these plants but increased humidity will help growth. Bright kitchens and bathrooms are good places for these plants to grow.

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As tropical plants, Anthuriums aren’t accustomed to the cold so try to maintain a temperature of 18-30°C. They can survive temps as low as 15°C but they won’t grow as quickly.

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This plant doesn't need too much fertiliser, a well balanced fertiliser once a month in the summer months will suffice.

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This plant contains insoluble calcium oxalates consumption of which can lead to oral irritation, pain and swelling of mouth, tongue and lips, excessive drooling, vomiting and difficulty swallowing in both animals and humans.

What should I do when the older flowers begin to fade?

Flowers on these plants do not rebloom on the same stalk so once a bloom is 'spent' and finished remove the bloom by cutting that stem from the base. This will allow the plant to use its energy on producing new blooms.

The leaves on my plant are going brown and mushy? Why is this?

This sounds like overwatering, you should check the soil of the plant and ensure the plant is allowed to dry before watering again. Remove any already damaged growth.

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