Begonia Ruby Red

 Begonia Ruby Red


Common Name(s)

Begonia Ruby Red

Latin Name

Begonia Conchifolia

Care Level

Requires a little TLC

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Bright natural light is good for these plants, avoid any direct sun. Direct sun burns the leaves on this plant resulting in damage.

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Water when the top inch of soil is dry or the leaves begin to droop. It's likely that these plants will need watering weekly.

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Average home humidity is sufficient, in the winter months when the air in our homes is drier this plant may require increased humidity.

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Average household temperatures are fine, the year-round minimum temperature is 15°C

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Fertilise monthly when plants are actively growing. If the soil is very dry, moisten the soil with plain water before fertilising; this prevents the plant food from burning the roots.

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All parts of this plant are poisonous

Why is my Begonia Ruby Red leaves turning brown/black?

This is a result of fluctuation in temperatures, try to keep consistent temperatures where possible.

Why is my Begonia Ruby Red dropping leaves?

This may be as a result of poor light conditions or watering issues, be sure to look into both before acting.

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