Date Palm

 Date Palm


Common Name(s)

Date Palm

Latin Name

Phoenix canariensis

Care Level

Perfect For Beginners

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Date palms like the brightest light that can be provided, including full sun.

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These plants do best when kept slightly on the dry side so allowing the top two inches of soil to dry between watering is ideal.

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Average home humidity is fine for these plants.

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Plants do well in average home temperatures between 12° & 26°C.

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These plants do not require intense feeding, a single fertilising once a year is great.

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The fronds of these plants are particularly dangerous

Why is my plant not growing?

These plants are slow growing so be aware that these plants may go through periods without new leaves growing.

Are these plants toxic?

Whilst these plants are not toxic they do have sharp leaf edges that can cause puncture marks when the plant matures, this is something to be aware of if there are pets or small children around.

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