Desert Candle

 Desert Candle


Common Name(s)

Desert Candle

Latin Name

Euphorbia Abyssinica

Care Level

Perfect For Beginners

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Bright indirect light is needed for good growth as with any cactus

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Water these cacti sparingly, allow the plant to completely dry between watering. The plant should not be watered from October to March

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Regular household humidity is fine

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This plant requires warm temperatures of 18°-25°C.

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You can use diluted cacti fertiliser once a month or during the summer months. Too much plant food causes excess salt build up in the soil that can result in damage to the plant so take care with this.

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Due to the toxicity and irritant nature of the milky sap contained within the stems these plants should be handled with care.

Why is my cactus turning brown?

It's incredibly important that these plants are not watered from October to March. Browning cacti and loss of structural integrity is a sign your plant is rotting from the inside. If this isn't too bad, you could chop the top half, allow it callous over and re-pot. Unfortunately, by the time the browning begins it may be too late for the plant.

Why is the growth on my plant lopsided?

This is a result of un-even light exposure. To overcome this, you should rotate your plant 90 degrees every so often to ensure even exposure to light and to avoid it leaning to one side

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