Common Name(s)

Dragon Tree

Latin Name

Draceana Marginata

Care Level

Perfect For Beginners

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These plants grow best in bright indirect light. They are able to tolerate more shady conditions but will grow slower in these conditions. Plants should not be placed in direct sunlight as this will damage leaves.

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These are drought-tolerant plants so do wait until the top half of the soil is dry before watering, please be aware that this can take quite some time depending on the season and the plant's position.

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Average household humidity is fine for these plants.

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Warmer household temperatures are preferred with these plants, between 18°-28°C are ideal.

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These plants have low fertiliser needs, it is not essential to fertlise these plants in order to have a thriving plant. Older plants should be given a very light fertiliser in early spring to boost growth.

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Whilst not harmful to humans, these plants are toxic for cats and dogs so care should be taken if placed in a home with pets.

Why are the tips of the leaves on my plants turning brown?

If the plant develops brown tips on its leaves, that's usually a sign that it's either receiving too much water or that the water you're using has too much salt or fluoride, which can cause discoloration. To avoid fluoride, water your dragon tree with distilled or non-fluoridated water. If the plant has yellow leaves, it usually means it needs more water.

How often should I repot?

As with most plants repotting should only be completed when the roots protrude from the bottom of the pot. Most plants will not be ready for repotting until the second or third year of growth.

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