Dumb Cane

 Dumb Cane


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Dumb Cane

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Dieffenbachia plants require medium to bright indirect light. Direct sun burns the leaves and too much bright light causes the vibrant leaf color to fade.

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Water well and then allow the top two inches of soil are dry. Dieffenbachia plants do best when watered on a regular schedule.

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Average home humidity is fine for these guys but as with most plants increased humidity can be a help.

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Dieffenbachia plants prefer temperatures above 15°C. Avoid cold drafts from doors and windows.

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Fertilise only when the plant is actively producing new leaves, usually every two weeks from March to October.

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Dieffenbachias are extremely poisonous plants with a #4 toxicity level. If the sap gets on your skin, wash it off immediately. Seek medical advice if a child or pet ingests any part of a dieffenbachia plant.

Why are the bottom leaves on my plant turning yellow?

The bottom leaves on a dieffenbachia plant can turn yellow for a number of reasons: the plant is near a cold draft, the plant not getting enough light or the soil has gotten too dry.

Why are the edges of the leaves on my plant turning brown and curling?

The edges of the leaves of a dieffenbachia turn brown from too much plant food or too much salt in your water. Rinse the soil with distilled water to get rid of any unwanted chemicals.

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