Common Name(s)

Nerve Plant, Mosaic Plant

Latin Name

Fittonia albivenis

Care Level

Perfect For Beginners

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These plants dislike full sunlight, preferring indirect sun, such as that offered by north-facing windows. It will also thrive under fluorescent lights.

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These plants need to be watered when the top few cm of soil are dry, the plants likes to be kept moist, not soaked.

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These plants prefer humid conditions similar to those found in rainforests. Terrariums or bottle gardens are naturally moist environments and well suited to the plant. They should be placed in humid rooms or environments within the home.

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Average home temperatures are fine for these plants, 18°-23°C

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During its growing season, March to October, feed plants every fortnight with a well balanced fertiliser.

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This plant is non-toxic to cats, dogs and humans.

My plant has wilted and looks shriveled, have I killed it?

The plant is not dead but it is being dramatic. The plant has been allowed to dry out, a good watering will perk the plant back up. Do this by bottom watering allowing the plant to absorb all it needed.

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