Flaming Katy

 Flaming Katy


Common Name(s)

Flaming Katy

Latin Name

Kalanchoe Blossfeldinia

Care Level

Perfect For Beginners

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Kalanchoe plants need bright indirect light and can even tolerate direct sun during the autumn winter, and spring.

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Kalanchoes are succulents with plump leaves that store water for long periods of time. Always allow the soil to dry-out before watering.

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Kalanchoes grow well in regular to low household humidity.

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Indoor kalanchoe plants like warm temperatures between 15°-18°C. Low temperatures below 4°C can damage or kill a kalanchoe within a few hours. Keep kalanchoes away from cold drafts and open windows during the winter.

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Fertilise monthly when kalanchoes are actively growing. If the soil is very dry, moisten the soil with plain water before fertilising; this prevents the plant food from burning the roots.

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Kalanches are poisonous plants. All parts of the plant are considered toxic, even the water in the vase of cut kalanchoe flowers is dangerous.

Should I throw out my Kalanchoe once the flowers die?

Absolutely not! Do not throw out your kalanchoe once the flowers die. With proper care, kalanchoes bloom on and off all year for many years, remember that they bloom more when there's less light and there are shorter days.

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