Hoya Carnosa

 Hoya Carnosa


Common Name(s)

Wax Plant

Latin Name

Hoya Carnosa Tricolour

Care Level

Perfect For Beginners

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Bright indirect light is perfect for these plants. Do not place a Hoya Carnosa in a bright window with direct sun and unfiltered light, the leaves will bleach yellow and fall off

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Allow the soil of your plant to completely dry then give it a watering, allowing the water to drain out completely. Remember that depending on the plant's environment it could take days, weeks or months for your plant to dry out.

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Hoya Carnosa enjoy humidity, so a humid room is best.

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Regular household temperatures of between 10° - 25°C are ideal.

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Fertilising with a balanced fertiliser between the growing months of spring and summer.

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Hoyas are non-toxic to dogs and cats.

My plant is dropping leaves, what's wrong?

This may be due to poorly-drained or water-logged compost. Check the soil to ensure the soil is not too wet. This may also be a result of being too cool during the winter, keep your Hoya away from cold drafts.

Why is my hoya not flowering?

Failure to flower is usually due to insufficient light and lack of humidity. It can be quite rare for hoya to flower and plants need to be very happy to do so.

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