Lace Fern

 Lace Fern


Common Name(s)

Lace Fern

Latin Name

Asparagus Setaceus

Care Level

Perfect For Beginners

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Asparagus ferns grow best in bright indirect light. In lower light an asparagus fern grows very slowly and may develop yellow fronds.

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Allow the top two inches of soil to dry out before watering.

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Since an Asparagus Fern is not really a fern, but a member of the Lily Family, it does well in normal to low humidity.

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Asparagus Ferns prefer temperatures between 10°-24°C.

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Feed an asparagus fern weekly during the summer with a well-balanced fertiliser.

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Asparagus Ferns are Poisonous Houseplants with a #1 toxicity level. The red berries on Asparagus Fern Houseplants can cause digestive problems if eaten.

My plant has got white flowers and berries, what should I do?

Congratulations, berries & flowers develop when an Asparagus Fern is getting all that it needs. This is rare in houseplants. The flowers and berries of an Asparagus Fern won’t hurt the plant, but may slow down the development of new leaves. Please remember the red berries of an Asparagus Fern are poisonous and will cause digestive problems if eaten.

Why are the vines on my fern becoming yellow, hard and straw-like?

An Asparagus fern gets yellow straw-like vines when the soil has gotten too dry. Cut off the dead Asparagus Fern vines as close to the soil as possible and water water your Asparagus Plant really well. Never fertilize a plant when the soil is very dry

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