Lipstick Plant

 Lipstick Plant


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Lipstick Plant

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Lipstick plants require very bright indirect light. Direct sun burns the leaves.

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These plants flower more frequently and more abundantly if you allow the top two inches of the soil dry out before watering.

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Although a lipstick plant prefers high humidity, it does well in average household humidity.

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Lipstick plants like warm temperatures

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Fortnightly feed from March to October with a well-balanced houseplant fertiliser is best for these plants.

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Lipstick plants are non-poisonous Houseplants.

How do I get my plan to bloom?

To help a lipstick plant get flowers and bloom longer place it in bright indirect light, stress it by under watering a bit and keep it root-bound.

What should I do if my lipstick plant becomes thin and straggly?

Thin and straggly lipstick plants need to be pruned and put it in bright indirect light.

Can you tell me why an entire vine my dry up and die?

There could be a couple of reasons why an entire vine on a lipstick plant would dry up and die. First be sure the stem didn't die because it is broken somewhere along the stem line, this commonly happens when plants are being moved. If that’s not the problem increase the humidity and give your plant a little more water. If the leaves of a lipstick plant appear soft and shriveled, give the plant more water. These plants lose green leaves when they are over-watered.

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