Monstera Deliciosa

 Monstera Deliciosa


Common Name(s)

Cheese Plant

Latin Name

Monstera Deliciosa

Care Level

Perfect For Beginners

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Monsteras need medium to bright light. It can survive in lower light, but the leaves won't become fenestrated and the plant becomes leggy. Keep it out of the direct sun which can cause leaf burn.

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Water well until the water drains out the bottom of the pot. Allow the top quarter of the soil to dry out before watering again.

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Monsteras grow better in high humidity, but do adapt to household humidity.

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This plant prefers warm temperatures and doesn't do well in temperatures below 10°C, keep in a warm room without draughts.

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From March to October during the active growth period, feed every two weeks with a balanced plant food.

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Monsteras are very poisonous houseplants with a #2 toxicity level

Why does my Monstera have brown leaves?

Brown leaves and edges usually mean that the plant needs more water, especially in the warm weather; or more humidity, especially in the winter when we have our radiators on. To increase the humidity use a humidifier near the plant, or group three or four plants together to increase the immediate humidity.

The bottom leaves on my Monstera are turning yellow and dying, why is this happening?

Firstly remember that sometimes plants leaves turn yellow for natural reasons, this is particularly true for young immature Monstera leaves at the bottom of the plant. This may be as a result of the plant being over watered. Reduce your water and move the plant to a brighter, warmer location so the soil has a chance to dry out faster. Always do a check on your soil before taking any action.

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