Monstera Peru

 Monstera Peru


Common Name(s)

Monstera Peru

Latin Name

Monstera Karstenianum SP. Peru

Care Level

Requires a little TLC

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As jungle plants bright indirect light is preferred, direct sun exposure will damage foliage.

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Allow the top inch of soil to dry between watering.

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This plant can tolerate average home humidity but will enjoy increased humidity which will encourage faster growth.

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This plant prefers warm temperatures and doesn't do well in temperatures below 10°C, keep in a warm room without draughts.

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A well-balanced fertiliser in the growing season will be benefiicail, though you will want to stop fertilising and feeding Monstera plants over the winter months.

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Monsteras are very poisonous houseplants with a #2 toxicity level

Why are the leaves on my Monstera Peru becoming patchy and mottled?

Monstera can be prone to spider mites who will zap nutrients from the foliage. Check the underside of leaves for spider mites and try to increase the humidity which help avoid spider mites.

My Monstera Peru is growing longer but there's large gaps between the leaves, why is this?

This may be as a result of poor light which has allowed growthy to become leggy. You can cut the plant and propagate the new growth in order to avoid distorted or leggy growth.

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