Moon Valley

 Moon Valley


Common Name(s)

Moon Valley, Friendship Plant

Latin Name

Pilea Mollis

Care Level

Perfect For Beginners

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Bright indirect light is ideal for these plants. They can tolerate medium light. They are not suited for direct sunlight.

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Pilea Mollis should be watered when the first few cm of soil are dry, this will usually be between once and twice a week depending on the light.

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Tolerates average home humidity.

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Average home temperatures are fine for these plants, 18°-23°C

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Fertilise monthly during the period of active growth, from March to October.

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Pileas are pet safe and non-poisonous

Why are the leaves on my Pilea Mollis turning brown?

This may be as a result of the plant becoming too cold, these plants should be kept away from cold windows in winter and out of line of cold drafts.

Why is my Pilea Mollis wilting?

Wilting occurs as a result of underwatering, you should give your plant a thorough watering and maintain a clear schedule of watering.

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