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 Peace Lily


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Peace Lily

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Peace Lily plants do well in low, medium, or indirect bright light. Too much light causes the leaves to fade and lose their vibrant dark green color. Too little light and Peace Lily plants can’t develop flowers. Direct sunlight burns the leaves.

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Allow the top two inches of soil to dry out between waterings. You'll know if your plant needs watering when it dramatically wilts.

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High humidity is a plus but not a necessity.

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Peace Lily plants grow well in 18°-29°C.

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During the active growth period, March to October you should fertilise every other month.

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Peace Lily plants are very poisonous with a #2 Toxicity level. Keep these plants away from pets and small children.

Why are the tips of the leaves on my peace lily turning brown?

The tips of the leaves of Peace Lily plants usually turn brown from too much water, too much fertiliser, too much fluoride, chlorine, or salt in the water, or sitting in a location that is too hot.

My Peace Lily has lots of new leaves but no new flower blooms, what should I do?

To help your Peace Lily produce flowers, first move it to a brighter area. You should also repot every spring to encourage new flowers.

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