Peperomia Rosso

 Peperomia Rosso


Common Name(s)

Emerald Ripple Plant

Latin Name

Peperomia Rosso

Care Level

Requires a little TLC

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Bright, indirect light is ideal for these plants. They can do well in partial sun or with either morning or evening sun, but will not tolerate full, direct sun. Too little light can cause your plant to grow very slowly and too much sun produces scorched leaves.

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When the first two inches of soil feels mostly dry, the plant should be bottom watered and allowed to soak up all the water it needs. Never get the crown of the plant wet. This is especially important during cold weather as dampness on the plant’s crown will lead to rot.

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Average home humidity is sufficient.

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Average home temperatures between 13° C – 24° C are fine for these plants. Plants should be kept away from heating vents and doors; these plants cannot tolerate extremes of hot or cold.

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Fertilise with a balanced fertiliser during the growing season, March to October.

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This plant is not toxic to humans, cats or dogs.

Why is my plant withering and turning brown?

Peperomia have very fragile root systems, when watered like other plants it becomes easy to cause root rot issues. These plants should always be bottom watered, allowing them to absorb as much water as needed.

The centre of my plant is going black, help!

If the centre of the plant becomes wet in the autumn or winter months, black mould rot can begin to form at the centre of the plant. The plant cannot handle overwatering or overmoisture during the cooler months.

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