Prayer Plant

 Prayer Plant


Common Name(s)

The Prayer Plant, Maranta

Latin Name

Maranta Leuconeura

Care Level

Requires a little TLC

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Prayer plants do well in medium to high light, but do not tolerate direct sun.

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Keep the soil of a prayer plant moist but never soggy. Unlike most houseplants, it does not like to dry out between watering.

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A prayer plant likes a very humid environment; the humidity in our homes is often too low. Increase the humidity by grouping plants together or putting a small humidifier near by.

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This plants prefer normal household temperatures between 15°-26°C. Lower temperatures can damage the leaves.

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From March to October during the active growth period, fertilise every two weeks with a balanced plant food.

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A prayer plant is a non-poisonous houseplant.

Why are the beautiful colours on my prayer plant starting to fade?

The leaves of a prayer plant usually fade because it is getting too much light. Move your plant to a shadier location and see if that solves the problem. Check the leaves carefully to be sure there is no spider mite infestation as these plants are prone to spider mites.

Why are the leaves of my prayer plant shriveling up and turning brown?

There are several reasons why the leaves of a prayer plant shrivel up: Prayer plants should never sit in direct sun. They do not like water that is heavily chlorinated. The location where the plant is sitting may be too dry or too cold.

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