Stromanthe Triostar

 Stromanthe Triostar


Common Name(s)

Stromanthe Triostar

Latin Name

Stromanthe Sanguinea

Care Level

Requires a little TLC

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Place a Stromanthe plant in bright indirect light but no direct sun as this will remove the colour from leaves. Consider a north west window position if possible.

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A Stromanthe likes to be kept barely moist at all times. Be careful not to over-water or the roots rot and the plant dies. In winter, allow the soil of a Stromanthe to dry out a little more, but never completely.

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A Stromanthe needs high humidity to keep its beautiful leaves looking good. If your house is dry, group a Stromanthe with other plants, place near a humidifier or place in a humid room such as kitchen or bathroom.

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Avoid placing a Stromanthe in line with or near a cold or hot draft, otherwise basic household temperatures are fine.

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Feed every two weeks when the plant is actively growing from March to October. Use a balanced fertiliser to feed.

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A Stromanthe is closely related to a Prayer plant, which is a non- poisonous houseplant. However, there is little data about how poisonous a Stromanthe plant might be. Be cautious.

Is Stromanthe a good plant for a terrarium?

The humidity loving Stromanthe will thrive in a terrarium. The only problem may be that is will get too large. These plants can get to be 2-3 feet in the right conditions.

Why are my Stromanthe leaves becoming brown and dry?

Stromanthe plant leaves turn brown and become crisp when the air is too dry or when the soil has dried out. Check the soil moisture level before increasing humidity.

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