How do I repot my Monstera Deliciosa?

If you have a monstera, you’ll know that when they’re happy they grow and grow and grow! As a result of their strong growth habit it's likely they'll need repotting every spring to allow for continued growth if you're looking for a happy and healthy beastly plant.

Here we answer your Monstera repotting questions:

How do I know my monstera is ready for a repot?

You’ll know your plant is ready for a repot when you see the thick fibrous roots coming from the bottom of the pot. You should repot in early spring before regular active growth occurs and to allow for a nutrient boost ahead of a full growing season.

What do I need to have ready to repot?

There's a brief kit list needed for repotting:

  • A new pot that is the next size up to your current pot (if it’s currently in an 18cm pot you'll need a 20cm etc).
  • An airy soil mix with enough perlite or orchid bark to allow for good root health. We recommend our Premium Potting Mix.
  • A bamboo stick or moss pole if your plant needs support.
  • Twine to tie your monstera in to any supports.
  • A pair of cleaned secateurs or clean sharp scissors incase you need to chop it.


what you need to report a monstera


If you’re reusing a pot, wash your pot in warm soapy water with a touch of bleach to ensure there are no bugs hiding in the pot. The pot should be dried before using.

What process should I take?

1. Remove your plant from the pot, you don’t need to remove the old soil unless you've had pest issues.

2. Inspect the plant, check for any root damage, the roots should be thick and fibrous. Check for any areas or leaves that may need removing or chopping. Do not be concerned about the cutting, cuts motivate and promote new growth. Do ensure cuts are made with clean instruments to avoid spreading disease.

3. Fill the bottom of the pot with new soil before placing the monstera in the centre of the pot, if you need to add a pole do it now and tie this in using the twine.

3. Back fill with soil leaving an inch or so from the top of the pot to allow for space when watering.

4. Give the plant a water. In a few weeks time it'll be ready to fertilise.



What on earth do I do with the aerial roots they’re out of control?

Aerial roots can look quite unsightly but they actually play an important role in creating stability for your plants. In their native environments these aerial roots would seek trees for stability and support, in the absence of this, a moss pole or bamboo stick could be used but the simplest trick is push the aerial roots down into your soil so that they can create the stability the plant needs and play a role in the nutrition of the plant. 

Can I cut the aerial roots?

You can cut them if they’re at an awkward angle but do not cut them all off, they are important structural features of plant, especially on more mature plants. 

Do I really need a moss pole?

Many people use a moss pole to aid support but too often people leave these poles to dry out where roots can become tangled and damaged. Instead we use a bamboo pole, they’re less obtrusive within the plant and won’t get aerial roots tangled inside.



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