Top Three Winter Plant Care Tips

Everything slows down in winter: the days feel long and dull, we pine for the life and beauty of spring and summer and at the moment we have the added factor of another lockdown. We’ve created a list of winter houseplant jobs you can occupy yourself with to ensure your plant pals are ready to go for the coming spring.



1. Give your plants a clean

Plant leaves, particularly those of larger leaf varieties such as Bird of Paradise and Monstera Deliciosa, can be magnets for household dust. To combat this and ensure that your plants can access as much light as possible on these dull days, give them a wipe over with a damp microfiber cloth. If they’re also in need of watering and a humidity boost, pop them in the shower and give them a quick blitz. 



2. Check for pests

Our nice warm homes can allow pests to flourish and develop at this time of year, give your plants a check to make sure there’s no hitchhikers. Check the tops of the leaves, stems and undersides of leaves to ensure your plants are pest free. Look in particular for spidermites, thrips and mealybugs. 



3. Check in on humidity hungry plants

Household air can be drier at this time of year due to our fires and radiators helping to keep us snug. This isn’t the best thing for your humidity loving plants like Prayer Plants and Lipstick Plants. If plants have dry brown leaf edges it may be a good idea to move them to bathrooms and kitchens which tend to be more humid. Alternatively, you could gather your humidity lovers together which will allow them to create their own pocket of humidity through transpiration. If none of these things help, treat your plants to a humidifier. Whilst lots of plant owners love misting, it’s more enjoyable for you than the plant itself.


Enjoy your indoor jungle this winter knowing that spring is just around the corner!

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