Small Strelitzia Nicolai | Bird of Paradise Small

Small Strelitzia Nicolai | Bird of Paradise Small

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These stunning plants are a must for any budding jungle curator! Although its common name comes from its flowers (which resemble a bird from a distance) their foliage is just as stunning. With bright light and a good fertiliser this plant will continue to push out more and more striking large leaves for you to admire.  Don't be alarmed if the leaves start to rip, this is a defense mechanism the plant has to allow light down to lower leaves and ensure that it doesn't uproot in its windy native environment. Do ensure that you have the space for this beauty to grow to her best!


Pot Size: 21cm

Plant Size 50cm

Care level: Perfect beginner plant


Bright light is needed for good growth - Position in a spot that gets plenty of sun


Likes to be moist in the summer months, water when the top two inches of soil are dry the rest of the year


Loves a little humidity, a position near a humidifier or an occasional shower would be appreciated

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